Company History


Wiseman Bros, Inc began operation as a proprietorship by Bill, Jeri, and Tom Wiseman. They had a three bay store in downtown Muskogee, OK.


On York Street, in Muskogee, OK, a barbershop was remodeled to include two service bays for a second store. Don, Jim, and Bob Wiseman were added to the team.


In McAlester, OK, a store with four bays was opened. Don managed it until it was sold in 1980.


Behind the existing store, a new store with four bays was built on York Street, in Muskogee, OK. The other store was torn down and made into a parking lot.


Another new store was built on York Street with six bays. This store was only for the tire shop. This left the other store for muffler work, brake work, front-end work, and truck accessories, which was managed by Jim Wiseman.


A twelve bay store was built on Highway 69, leaving the downtown store vacant.


Two more bays were added to the store on Highway 69. This store is a complete tire store and service center. It is also the Corporate Headquarters.


Five more bays were added to the tire shop on York Street to make it a tire store and service center. The service center on York Street was closed.


Early in the year, Bill Wiseman died. He was a great man and a loss is felt by all who knew him.


Mike and Mark Wiseman became the owners of Wiseman Bros Inc.